March 29, 2007

Around the Dial

I've been around the dial so many times,
But you're not there.
Somebody tells me that you've been taken off the air.
Well, you were my favorite d.j.,
Since I can't remember when.
You always played the best records,
You never followed any trend.
F.m., a.m. where are you?
You gotta be out there somewhere on the dial.
On the dial.

One of our yogis is missing....and yoga studio drama ensues.

I am of mixed minds about this. The teacher in question (let's call him John) has been one of my faves all along - his teaching style is mischievous, and engaging, his classes are challenging. He has a habit of finding a theme for the week and working up to it such that Fridays were a climax of opening, exertion, ecstacy - if you stuck with his class all week you got a mini workshop and were ready for Friday. If you dropped in Friday you got your ass whipped, yoga style (not always a bad thing).

I always balanced he and the other weekday morning teacher in a sort of "mother / father" way - she is nurturing, encouraging, kind, whereas he has been challenging, engaging, adventurous. I loved having both options open to me. I love them both equally.

On the down side, I've noticed some back tweakiness coming out of his classes over the past few months - to the point where I had backed off and mostly avoided his classes. In one class in fact he kind of worked me down into a forward fold in a way that I paid for later. Not great, and admittedly my own issues with weight around the belly and core strenght are key here. It's been a few weeks since I even went to a class expecting to find him there (until this week) so the drama has been somewhat muted for me; I was aware of it but was not experiencing it directly, in the studio.

And, balancing all of this is my understanding that things change - people move on, people grow, people find new opportunities. Regardless of why he is no longer teaching (I am sure there are lots of rumors which I am trying to ignore / avoid, and the truth is in there somewhere), well, its a natural part of life. He most certainly was one of the rock stars down at the studio, with a following that went just for his classes - so I can imagine all sorts of dramas and intriques. Yogis are (I have found) all too wonderfully human.

In the meantime, when I have gone to what were once his classes, I am getting a balance of familiar faces. All wonderful teachers. So it adds a little bit of life to my practice - an uncertainty of what is ahead, an expectation. I had a really good practice on Monday morning with another man who I enjoy (he of the long and deliberately held postures), my other morning yogi fills in, and I am hopeful to snag an extra class or two with the owner of the studio who has filled in now and then (her style is delightful, although I get the most out of her in 3 hour workshops where she can work slowly and deeply as opposed to 90 minute classes)

Yoga drama.....

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