March 04, 2007


MYA and I went to a mentoring program activity today - bowling at Highland Bowl in Hartford. What a cute little bowling alley - duckpins, 12 lanes, completely nostalgic. No automated scoring, pin setters one step up from manual, but clean, neat, functional. There were a couple of birthday parties there, plus our mob (probably close to 25 of us, mentors and mentees). Not everyone bowled, but we all had a good time.

We were not keeping score, but I got several strikes. No mean feat with duckpins. I was insufferably self congratulatory, of course.

I also own bowling shoes, believe it or not (remnants of a previous life of social singlehood, when I was actually going bowling on occasion) although the shoes pulled free from the sole midway through (which is what happens when one has 15 year old bowling shoes, that get pulled out of the closet once every 5 years.

I want to go bowling more often.

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