March 20, 2007

CVS and Enteric Aspirin

So, I go to CVS to purchase low dose (enteric) aspirin - my doc has me on a daily pill to prevent blood clots / stroke / heart attack. Pretty minor, all in all.

Except CVS has three kinds of generic enteric aspirin. One targeted at Ecotrin customers, one at Bayer customers, one at St. Joseph's customers. All seem wholly different - different pill size, different color coating, different package size (quantity), different package colors / designs related to the competitive product.

Who knows, maybe the powers that be at CVS have figured out that they sell more of their own products with such targeting. And surely CVS is large enough such that the volume warrants it. It's just odd.

I ended up with the CVS version of Bayer low dose (120 count), which was on sale. But really, do we really need 3 versions of essentially the same thing?

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