March 06, 2007

From Bradley (Again)

Heading southward into what I hope is a bit more warmth - North Carolina. A quickie trip (working all day tomorrow). I opted for two nights away just because the flights were better (direct) and my client wants to do dinner on one night, so I head back on Thursday morning. With any luck I can get some work done tonight and tomorrow night. I have some reports to knock out, along with prepping for the meeting tomorrow.

Get back Thursday, hopefully grab some yoga on Thursday night, and heading up to Boston with MYA on Friday. Then an insane wakeup on Saturday to head down to Milford - we're heading out of JFK en route to Phoenix on Saturday. My life, lived at 30,000 feet.

But for now, another 30 minutes of free bradley wifi and then Southwest en route to RDU. Moo!

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