March 12, 2007

Home Again

Armed with her trusty laptop, air power supply, and first class ticket on a direct flight, our intrepid heroine faces what will likely be a long travel day, but not as long and uncomfortable as it might be. I actually was hoping for a few reports from a client in this morning's email, just to have something productive to do on the plane. I do have a trip report I can work on, which really should take top priority.

I'm pretty sure I am gonna wrap up the used bar of bath soap and bring it home; it was really good soap (lemony and sharp, I rarely look forward to soap) and it will just get tossed here. And its a healthy sized chunk. I am becoming a grandmother. Hide your sugar and sweetener holders in restaurants.

In other news, I got an email from my Intensive master promising piles of snow (carpool please, not so many places to park) and suggesting snow shoes for walking meditation. Apparently she has not seen me on snow shoes. The only thing I'd be meditating on is not falling on my rear end in the show or twisting a leg.....

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