March 04, 2007

Imperial Buffet

Apparently, Sunday evening is prime time for the Imperial Buffet in Plainville. MYA and I are regulars there (sad, I know) but she likes having food options, is addicted to peach buns, and we can take our time and chat. Sad when the sushi guy knows us by sight and knows our orders, however. Almost as sad as being on a first name basis with the folks at Whole Donut (which I am).

So we had our usual fare (I lamented the lack of garlic green beans, my fave) and enjoyed the spectacle of people loading up on crab legs - when a new batch was brought up, they were lining up like fish in a tank when you drop in the food, and walking away with plates piled high. Scary, and sad.

Point to Ponder: If you need to ask to be reseated because you do not fit in a booth, maybe the Imperial Buffet is not the right dining choice.

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