March 10, 2007

Lap of Luxury

OK, a direct flight, JFK to PHX is pretty swanky, in my book. That my client booked up first class seats - rare but not unheard of. My new airpplane power supply meant I could work for a bunch of hours (and watch some DVD). The movie was Casino Royale - not something I'd go see or Netflix, but a reasonable diversion. So, all good.

But getting into Scottsdale, and our intrepid heroine finds her sorry lower middle class rear end ensconced at the Four Seasons. Sheesh. This sort of luxury and opulensce makes me nervous. I have no idea what to tip, etc.

Also sucky, my summer clothes are still in storage so I am kind of overdressed. S'ok, I'll be working 14 hours tomorrow, so no time for fashion tomorrow.

Tonight, allegedly, we will be hitting The Paisley Violin @ El Museo to see Trina Hamlin. It's a long story - Namoli Brennet's former manager Wendy is out here, and insisted we (me, my client) go see Trina, who I had never heard of, but then I find out she was a "Most Wanted New Artist" (2002, so I assume she was in the 2001 showcase) at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, which I have attended and volunteered at 14 out of the past 15 years. So I am pretty sure our paths have crossed.

Anyway. With my proletariat ethos, my fair, sunburn prone skin, and my still winter in New England wardrobe, you can pretty much point your "fish out of water" links here.....but what the heck. I'm breathing. I might even drag my sorry ass out onto the patio to throw down some asanas sometime this visit. It's big enough although I may have to shove the furniture aside.

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