March 09, 2007

Mandelbrot Set Art - Rees H. Acheson

After diner, Zippy and I bundled over to the Learning Corridor for an art opening in the Black Box Theater lobby at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. Rees H. Acheson creates art from Mandelbrot Sets. His works are large and beautiful, and he has spent years experimenting with software, computers, and tools to realize these works, that take 10's or 100's of hours of computing time, and special software to create, modify, save, print, and realize.

Mr. Acheson seems to be a modern day Renaissance Man. He invented a bore welding system and founded Bortech Corporation. He got interested in wood framing, and developed a system of Hip and Valley Framing angles. And of course, Mandelbrot Sets.

We spent some time talking with Mr. Acheson, he's really interesting. I know just enough about the various things that go into his work - computer hardware, programming, graphics palattes, etc. to be dangerous. AC and Zippy were impressed and bemused - and I am going to end up showing Zippy some basic programming and color stuff on the puter, I am sure.

Want to see the art for yourself? The Lobby Gallery is open by appointment 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday until March 16th. Call 757-6172.

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