March 05, 2007

March Madness

One things I kind of miss from corporate employment is the frenzy of time wasting brough on by college hoops and March Madness. I was not even a huge basketball fan, but the enthusiasm of coworkers was infectious. I learned soon enough who was out, who was in, who was on the bubble, how many Big East teams got in (and resulting arguments about league dominance and how the Big East was under-rated), seedings, brackets, all that. We'd take a long lunch or sneak out early during the Big East tournament when U-Conn was playing for something; we'd do the same on the first Thursday of the tournament.

Except for the fact that I am so incredibly backlogged and busy right now to actually pay attention to college hoops, I kind of miss that.


jencooper said...

Hi Jude. Unrelated...I thought your link to the shopping carts on Colin's blog was hilarious.
Anyway, I followed it to your own blog, and here I am. Just saying hi.

Jude said...

I take no credit for the shopping cart site - I blame Wil Wilkins and Real Art Ways; they had the artist there a few years back.

The Stray Shopping Cart book is the perfect gift for slacker friends who have put in a stint at a big box retailer or grocery store and have schlepped some carts of their own!