March 04, 2007

Mid Weekend

Yesterday was pretty low key. A yoga class with Yom, who is becoming one of my faves - pushing my edges in terms of stamina / endurance without frustration (difficult poses) or risk (I've had a few yoga back tweaks in the past few months). I really respect a lot of her teaching stuff - she does some things, then drops us into child's pose, and then asks if anyone would prefer not to be touched / adjusted (so they can raise their hands in relative anonymity) - totally a respectful thing, and not something I have seen anyone else at the studio do. She also rolls us through three resting postures (down dog, child's pose, and dangle) and mentions that moving into them is a sign of strength, not weakness. Again, wonderful. And yet she pushes during class, with a tempo and energy that is nearly aerobic, and a cadence that is close to drill instructor. I pulled back into child's pose at least once, just to get back my center.

Again, WHY, with its wide selection of classes and instructors, is such a great space. Just when I thought the menu could not get fuller / better, I find Yom.

I also went to a three hour Poetry and Philosophy of Yoga workshop with Dr. Peter Meadows. I have always wondered about him; he is on the staff page and is a founder / owner at the studio, but our paths never crossed. It was a wonderful workshop and I am glad I have finally met him / spent some time with him. I also ran into a blog reader there (waving to K) along with a bunch of my yoga / kirtan friends.

Probably going to grab a class this morning with Shankara (pretty sure) - my yoga strategy is this morning and Tuesday morning, before heading out to North Carolina. MYA and I are connecting this afternoon for bowling (mentoring program) and hanging out.

Spring is in the air. Do you sense it? I have not seen a lot of signs but I can feel the energy.....

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