March 31, 2007

No Caffeine?

Back in October, I kicked caffeine. I had a 4 day retreat to go to that was sans caffeine, I did not want a 4 day headache, and I recognized how addicted I was. So I slowly weaned myself down, and after the weekend, I stayed off.

I've been pretty good since then - I occasionally will have a cup of leaded coffee in the afternoon on a slow day, I drink caffeinated soda, but my morning fix - a 4 cup maker, and maybe a cup from Whole Donut when I went out for the mail at 10:30, has been kicked for good, replaced by Decaf or Herbal Tea. I am guessing I dropped my overall caffeine intake from 500 mG or more per day.

But I've had some reservations - how much caffeine was there in Decaf? And soda? and other beverages? Was I really off the smack?

Thankfully, an October 2006 news report says that although decaf coffee has some caffeine in it, its minimal - maybe 10% of a cup of regular coffee at worst. And a list of caffeine in other beverages points to other beverage choices - diet coke (45 mg), iced tea (40 MG) when I dine out - as being a bigger contributor. I also stopped buying diet coke for the house, preferring a diet sprite or sierra mist (0 mg) and even my caffeinated tea is green(15 mg) - much lower than regular tea (40 mg).

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