March 20, 2007

Some Poetry and Prose

From the EI reintegration morning. I am transcribing these to email to another and might as well add them to the blogpile....

To see a bird, through eyes clear and bright
To hold a hand with no expectation, no fear
To drop ones head on a shoulder and receive love
To taste the warmth of happiness, with no anticipation of its ending
To feel pain - unnumbed, sharp, true


In contemplation, the odd person, I watch this room.
Intending on the feeling of being alone, being left out, being other.
Distraction - the room buzzing with energy, with hurts undone, minds spinning, bodies engaged.
The staff, circling like border collies protecting their flock. Alert. Intense. Bright.
The group ticking like a clock, like the solar system, like the universe.
To hell with enlightenment!
This is so beautiful and so true, that I cannot look away.
And my intending - a failure. I am not alone and left out. I am a part of this.

Dedicated to those others who were part of my experience. Thanks.... I love you all.

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