March 31, 2007

Still Sickish

Friday was a pretty much non-stop sick day. Sniffles, sneezes, mild headache - I got my spring cold. I spent most of the day chopping away at a website for a client - I had a meeting with them early in March and came away with some pretty major layout and design changes - many of those are now put to bed. So being home was not such a bad thing. But I am not a fan of being sick.

Due to illness, I bagged on the Real Art Ways movie / Ralph Nader appearance last evening - AC called up from some social event to report that it was sold out. Pretty cool. I would have gone. As it is I will be marginal for tonights Abigail Washburn concert at Wesleyan. The only good thing was that I actually slept pretty well last night - my nose stopped running, I did not toss and turn, and I did not sneeze nor snore. Much to Zippy's relief. I've been keeping hir up.

In other news - I got a generous gift check from my family for my birthday, which I am spending on a Garmin C330 GPS. I was so enamored of the GPSs that I have encountered over the last few weeks that I decided to treat myself - my family is forever looking for a birthday gift for me. So there you go. I am looking forward to it being useful for business trips, personal trips, and finding stuff (food, shops, etc.) while traveling - and I vow to never get lost on the way to visit my Milford friends. My getting lost en route there is a recurring theme, personal joke and source of relationship angst.

I also got (via mail) a new guitar toy - a Korg AX3G Modelling Signal Processor. Which (from what I can tell) is a pretty amazing programmable effects box. Price was right ($50) and if I can get a few basic effects programmed in (reverb, perhaps a little ethereal phase shift) it will be a nice addition to my Kirtan sound - although to be honest most of the pre-programmed sounds are various electric guitar distortion / cranked up amp effects. So I have some playing around to do. I am gonna hunt around online for some apps notes or something - the manual is pretty spartan.

I have my guitars out - its getting near time for Kirtan (April 13) and I ought to work on my callouses and refamiliarize myself with the chants. I am sure we will have some practice in the coming weeks.

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