March 26, 2007

Work Week

Finally, a week stretches before me with no business travel, no missions of mercy, no personal growth experiences, no conferences or other extracurricular activity. About time - I have some serious catching up to do.

In an ideal world I will have the next three weeks to get myself caught up. Surely this week will be such - with the end of the month looming, and a few projects pending. I have a website client with a serious queue of updates and freshening up. I have reports for another client, along with a few longer term projects. I have a site report for a third client. And at the end of the week - my monthly invoicing.

In addition, I have my taxes to do (so far unstarted, I am late this year and I tend to be a DIY tax person because it takes me about as much work to organize my books for someone else as to do it myself and the tax software is pretty damn good these days). The good news is I have all my quarterlies paid (and have already made my 1Q07 payment) so it should be mostly a matter of paperwork.

On other fronts, I got word regarding my still confusing to me HSA account - I can deposit up to $2850 into the account. A nice little tax avoiding hidey hole, and making me feel better about being able to use the HSA funds for glasses and dental and the like (I thought perhaps I was limited to the $1250 medical deductible). In years past I have had stuff to deduct (mortgage, health insurance premiums, a few years with some one time medical claims) so I would be able to itemize but these days (no mortgage, self employment health insurance fully deductible on Schedule C, no major medical expenses) I am taking the standard deduction. So anything I can do to turn expenses into additional deductions is a good thing.

Bonus - the HSA can roll over into retirement moneys as well - so its some more savings in that arena assuming I do not spend it down. I have a standard IRA fully funded, but have not really had the spare funds to set up something that permits more funding, so this sort of incremental "way to save a little more for retirement" is a good thing.

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