April 13, 2007

Crazy Weekend

Gonna be one, coming up.

Today starts with work (a backlog after taking yesterday off for our trip to Queens). Take the rental car back en route to hot yoga this morning. Home to clean up and nosh, then off to Bristol to pick up MYA. A quick jaunt to Cables and Connectors in Newington (to pick up some velcro and instrument cables - I am fabricating a DIY pedal board). Then off to WHY to play roadie for Kirtan (setting up the sound system and instruments).

MYA and I will then fetch dinner, I will dump her off at home, and then back to the house to get ready for Kirtan. Notice there is no time for bass unwrapping or bass playing - alas, the new bass will remain unexplored. Grumble.

Saturday has three "events" none of which I will make in favor of finishing up my taxes. I got behind this year and things need to be done - so the writers workshop (which I already paid for), a community conference, and the REAL party (not that I can afford to go but a friend invited me) are all off the table in favor of adulthood. I've never had to file for an extension and I really do not want to start.

Sunday, hot yoga, and a mentoring activity with MYA. Sunday night I might spend time with the Zipster if zie has not thrown me out by then.

Next week is still somewhat fuzzy. A client has been talking about getting me over to a site in Chicago next week. I also have a "do not want to miss under any circumstances" yoga workshop with Ana Forrest on Tuesday evening. So the Chicago trip may happen Mon-Tues (getting back in time for yoga) or Wed-Thurs (but Tues-Wed is right out)

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