April 17, 2007

Off My Stride

I'm usually a pretty competant business traveler. One would not know that from this particular trip:

a) I left my cell phone in the car back at BDL

b) I left my camera (usually mission critical for documenting on-site stuff) at home. This despite the fact that I bought a backup a few months back. I left BOTH cameras back at the office.

c) I accidentally booked (2) rental cars at Dollar. Nonetheless, I booked the cars for 2:30 pm (my scheduled arrival was 1:30 pm, and we got in early). They were oversold when I got in, so no car waiting for me when I got there - I would have had to wait. I ended up bumping over to Alamo where I paid a bit more for the car.

d) I went out and got a prepay phone (just so I could make calls, check voice mail, call the client). I've been so cell phone dependent for so long that I have completely lost the ability to use a pay phone - no calling card, etc. I need to rectify that.

e) The Prepay phone, however, needed to be activated online or at a landline. So it did nothing for me yesterday en route to the customer site. And it did not actually get activated until this morning, at the airport, as I was eating breakfast.

f) I ended up at a Holiday Inn Express near Midway last night - $186 for a night. Sheesh.

Edit: And let's add (g) here, I put my Southwest boarding pass in my bag so safely and securely that I could not handle it when it was time to board, and so there I am digging in my bag as the gate agent is paging me ("Is Judy Russell in the gate area?") and I look up sheepishly to the young man at the gate who laughs and lets me on-board.

So, a lot of travel doofusness this trip. Hoepfully I have gotten it all out of my system. The one big plus - the new GPS was great. And the SWA return flight was pretty empty.

I'll be back in town by noon - time to hit the post office, the bank, let the dogs out, and get some work done. Tonight - three hours with Ana Forrest. EXCITED!

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