April 12, 2007

Off to Queens

Zipster and I are headed down to the city today. Her siblings from her dad's side* are having a mini reunion, so we get to see Adam from Austin, Jenny from DC, and Jeffrey from Texas. Bonus - we are meeting at her Uncle Dave's house in Queens; which has been described as a museuum of model trains, musical instruments, gadgets. We'll see.

My bass is supposed to show up today (at the office) although I doubt I will have time with it before Kirtan. Ah well, there is always June.... I have been working on music the past week when I can so my fingers are in shape and I have all the chants in more recent parts of my brain.

MP is going to come over to feed and water the dogs today - and finish up some kitchen work - a formica piece over a side counter, maybe some trim on the exposed wall board edges.

Friday - morning yoga. Afternoon hang out with MYA, maybe a movie. And Friday evening Kirtan. Satruday - the writer's workshop. And Sunday, yoga and mentoring.

Oh, and I still am plugging away on taxes. This might be the year I file for an extension......ugh.

* Zippy has a unique family structure - her parents married, had hir, and split up. Each went on to remarry and have families. Mom had three more kids (who Zippy grew up with) and Dad had 4 more kids (who Zippy saw on summers and holidays, and feels more kinship with). And there are lots of peripheral characters - her dad's ex (we visited her recently), her dad's present GF, etc.

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