April 01, 2007

Weekend Update

The Abigail Washburn concert last night was pretty amazing. She's incredibly talented, sweet, and has that knack of being able to grab an audience from the first quiet notes (a capella). Her sideman Ben Sollee was incredibly sweet and creatively talented - playing his cello like a bass, a violin, a guitar, and a bunch of other instruments. They played off each other perfectly.

Bonus, we ran into Susan Forbes Hansen before the show, and surprise, she ended up seated right next to us. So Zippy and she had some words - Zippy wrote a letter to WFCR in protest of Valley Folk being cancelled. Apparently, there is an organized movement to bring some community representation back to public radio / WFCR, located at justiceandpeace.net/WFCRdemocracy. It was an honor to chat with such a local folk legend - I hope she finds a venue for her considerable talent and commitment to the music soon. Makes me want to go out and buy a radio station!

Today, we headed up to MA for birthday dinner (my little sister's birthday) - and it turns out she is an occasional blog reader. So hiya, K! Happy birthday. Won't say which one......

My cold is abating, so I suspect I'll be back on the mat - probably not tomorrow (end of the month billing, catching up, and an appointment) but Tuesday - for sure!

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