April 28, 2007


Not posting much. I've been distracted.

Thursday evening trip to NYC was a success. Long drive, but not miserable in terms of traffic or delays, and the GPS worked. Met lots of people from cyberspace. Saw some old friends. No issues with car there or back. All good.

My back is still cranky, I went to restorative yoga yesterday (which pretty much involved long gentle postures with a bolster) which was good - not my usual yoga practice but my back felt better. Small dollops of separation anxiety from the hot class next door. I wanna be back there!

Work is bubbling up a bit - a trip to Atlanta is stirring, as is a couple of projects for a client who has bene kind of quiet. Been catching up with another client on some long term projects.

Yesterday, Zippy and I had a first session with a couples counselor. We've been talking about it for a while. It was hard - I walked out of there feeling pretty unloved, unlovable, and as if the relationship has little in the way of potential positives to make the work worthwhile. I know these things are not true, but emotionally, I was a wreck. So I was pretty weepy all night. Still kind of have a crying hangover to add to my tweaky back.

Today - we are taking some piles of electronic junk to the recycling event that CRRA sponsors - I have a pile of old computers at the storage space that I need to cull, and Zippy has some pieces here as well. Not everything (I always keep spares) but there are some things that have gone into storage 4-5 years ago that need to be gone.

Later, MYA and I are going shopping (spring clothes, she has a gift card) and then to a support space (have not been in ages)

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day to get back to some form of yoga, even if its gentle.....

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