May 29, 2007

Arm Balances

Studies in frustration, today, and Nykki led us down into the humbling and frustrating world of arm balances. Definitely a "haves" and "have-nots" delineation - with some in the class able to access the postures, and others not.

Today's challenges:
* Eka Pada Koundinyasana - Scissors
* Astavakrasana
* Eka Pada Bakasana A - One legged crow or crane

I actually got up (for brief seconds, and with my nose inches from the mat) into Eka Pada Bakasana A. But usually arm balances like this are outside my zone. A good place of learning to be humble.....

That being said, there was a time when basic crow pose / bakasana was off my menu, but now its a pretty regular part of my practice - so hope springs eternal. Although I REALLY need to lose some weight lest I destroy my wrists....

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