May 03, 2007

Farewell Jazzercise

A bit overdue. My participation has been on life support for a while. I got busy in the fall, and let my class card expire - then took some time off. Come the new year I bought a class card but I did not even go often enough to make it worthwhile (vs. buying individual classes). A few weeks back I popped in on a Saturday for a class - which was fine, but I collected my mat and weights. Probably will not be back regularly.

Jazzercise has been an incredible space for me for a bunch of years - I started going back in 2001 (guessing) when I moved to Hartford, starting at the Elmwood Community Center, following my instructor to Tikvah Chadosah, and then moving to Rocky Hill. In addition, classes in West Hartford, and all across the country as I traveled for work.

Lately, I think its been catching up to my 46 year old body. Knees are pounded, quads and hamstrings get pulled. My elbows become sore from even 5 or 6 pound weights. My shoulder, injured from too many years on the balloon crown line, also complains at times.

But really, Yoga has stolen my heart. I spend hours on the mat each week in classes and I practice on my own. I am thinking of taking teacher training. I am hooked. And I already spend much time on myself and my body - need to balance other parts of my life.

Jazzercise, there will always be a place in my heart for you. Such a fun workout, the first physical practice that I ever enjoyed enough to get addicted to. You have been one of the common threads in what has been an incredibly life changing 6 years. Thank-you!

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