May 31, 2007

Presciently Disappeared

MYA has disappeared. Or rather, been subsumed into the bowels of the legal system. Per her mother a group of police officers stormed the house yesterday and collected her, in hello kitty jammies, around 12:00 noon.

No idea where she is - we've called the police and found it was a probation thing - calls to the adult probation number have bene unreturned. No idea what precipitated it, although an argument with a boyfriend may be at the root. I got the news around 1:00 pm via voice mail, and by the time I got through to mom (3:00 pm or so) it was later in the day and we were not able to track her down.

::sigh:: Nothing to do but wait and continue to call, hopefully she will resurface, and not be too badly damaged. But she could have three months ahead of her; most likely in a male facility.

Sadly, her mom called me last week to talk - in her eyes, MYA was heading for trouble with this BF, and she was worried. Mom's generally have a sixth sense about this kind of stuff. Not sure we could have done anything. We're adults - we worry too much, we know nothing

And I'll be honest too, I'm a lot disappointed and discouraged. This kid has people who care, people who worry, and seemed just about ready to pull herself out of her downward spiral with a new job. She picked up her first paycheck last weekend. And now this.

I'm at the point of being kind of glad she got bagged - sounds like she has been pushing the limits for a while (per her mom) and perhaps being less than up front with me. Maybe I need to set some limits and offer her something than unconditional support. Conditional support.... I dunno how that works. But something.

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