May 29, 2007


It was a weekend of social discourse, food, and schmooze. Zippy and I had three picnics / parties this weekend. Saturday was my family in Framingham, MA, my brother opened his pool. Sunday was friends in New Britain (officially, a grill-warming party). And Monday was friends in Springfield, MA. On top of that, I crewed for BB on Sunday morning.

Completely enjoyable, all. Highlights were swimming in Framingham, some lawn games lite in New Britain, and meeting new friends in Springfield. Food was great all in all, if a bit much and heavy. I am gonna need this week to recover. We're just too old and creaky for all this fun!

Catch up week at work - its the end of the month Friday so there will be lots of invoicing to do, plus I have a trip report overdue from last week, and some other things to get done before then. I also have a conference call tomorrow.

But of course, having missed yoga since Friday morning, priorities are clear. I'm picking up A from SFO this morning at his mom's for a visit to the studio (for a power class with Nykki, probably) - and then we can get our work week on.....

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