June 22, 2007


An 8 a.m. hot class this morning. I took a lighter class than the 9:30 Friday morning marathon (almost two hours, very strenuous) because I had a few drinks and lots of schmoozing last night at the Creative Cocktail Hour.

As class wound down this morning, we took a bridge posture, and then had a minute to do something on our own. I felt a Chakrasana, or Wheel Posture, coming on. For whatever reason I had done a lot of opening and backbend prep during the practice.

Now, I do not get up into wheel all that often - I try it when its part of the sequence but I usually grunt and rest on my head; I think I've heaved myself up once on my own and done it a few times with an assist. I have to believe a combination of a more gentle practice (we spent a lot of time on the mat, although we also had some extended crescent lung postures) and a shorter practice meant I had some energy left. In any case, I did not think too much about it, and without struggle or strain, popped right up into wheel. And basked in it! It was a joyous, opening, here I am universe, send down your blessings kind of morning, I guess. My blessing this morning, a jubilation of a wheel posture!

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