June 13, 2007

Finish Line

This evening I drank my last glass of cleansing magic (mixed with organic apple juice) - a not-unpleasant quaff, albeit a bit gritty and tart. But 5 a day for 5 days (not counting 3 nights of prep) and I am more than happy to be done. Tomorrow I break my fast - with an organic apple in the morning, a light lunch and dinner. N down at the studio promised me a glass of her patented fast breaking veggie juice after hot yoga.

All in all - not bad. I think I had a light headache on the second night. Never really felt weak or light-headed. In fact, I did yoga Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. And I was really never tempted to eat - I was never really hungry. I might have lost some weight (not a lot) but I feel very different - my hands (in particular) feel thinner and different, and my stomache feels less cramped. Lots of junk has been eliminated from my system, I suspect. And I have a new and different appreciation of food and eating. So, the process was the enlightening and interesting.

Be nice if I can translate this knowledge and experience into permanent changes in my relationship to food and eating.....we shall see....

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