June 09, 2007

Kirtan Wrap-up

Last night was the final kirtan for the season (until September). A hot steamy night, and the music got hot. Nice energy. Technically - some snafu's, mostly related to a flaky guitar cable. I hope to work on both the technical end as well as my bass playing, during the off season.....but I integrated the bass into a number of chants and it went well, I think. Hard to know how it is received by the folks in the audience....

Amazing that it was just a year ago, probably following this last kirtan, that I shyly approached Shankara with the offer that "if they ever needed someone to sub in for guitar......" The rest, they say, is history. My life has changed so much in the past 12 months. Maybe not outwardly - same home, same work, same relationship - but in terms of life work, energy, music, and relationship to the divine. Wow.

K was there last night. I am almost shy with her - I feel as if she is a rock of support and grounding for many people (she seemed always deep in conversation with someone) and well, I wanted to thank her. Her energy drew me to yoga, to WHY, and made it a safe space for me - and although I quickly found the practice, teachers, and energy to devote myself to, she was the worm that I nibbled so that the divine could set his hook.

Hopefully, I will keep my music alive this summer - falcon ridge, the gemini party, perhaps an informal kirtan. We'll see....and I will be back in September, for sure!

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