July 07, 2007

Bad Blogger

Been a few days, apologies.

Thursday was a trip down to Brooklyn for work. A mixed experience - there were a lot of problems to be found and fixed (satisafying) but there were also three experts on site so there was a lot of hanging around chewing the fat, waiting for the machine to be ready, and sort of negotiating troubleshooting process and findings. A long day overall; I am still catching up on sleep and energy.

Friday was morning yoga, and lots of work. I signed up for three workshops with Tias Little in a few weeks:

* Lymphatic Yoga: Supporting the Immune System
* The Heart of the Legs
* Freeing the Bird of Prana: Backbends

Tias is also doing Teacher Training at WHY the week of July 23-26; I'd sign up for it if I did not have FRFF that week. But really, three days of workshops is enough; I usually grab maybe one workshop with visiting national teachers

I was tired (and bored) last night and jumped into bed at 8 p.m. - now its 3 a.m. and I am awake (fairly predictable) - the dogs got me up. But I am headed right back to bed.

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