July 17, 2007


I was supposed to go to Boston tomorrow with MYA but she called and apparently does not have an appointment. So I dodged that bullet....and can spend the day catching up.

I'm off to MoSun tonight to see the Sun vs. Minnesota Lynx. Highlight on Minnesota: Svetlana Abrosimova, albeit a more mature and less butchalicious version than trod the boards at Gampel. Also, $2 hotdogs and $1 soda. Like I need that..... and I think a promo Guida basketball. I'm going tonight with a friend extra seasons ticket) and on Friday Zipster and I are glomming onto a couple of free passes to see the Sun vs. Seattle. Let's Go Sun!

In other news, hot yoga this morning, work, lots of folk festival prep stuff. One of my favorite folkies (oh hell, most of them are my favorites!) called this morning to arrange merchandise shipping. That was kind of surprising. I'm also loading up the spreadsheet, prepping the binders, and working on the cash register.... and I took the cans back today. And I got a new scooter cover.

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