July 14, 2007

Run Around Jude

Mid-weekend catch-up.

I got back in town Thursday morning; caught a hot yoga class, and then to work. Mid afternoon, the early morning caught up with me and I crashed - Zippy and I snuck out to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. No major spoilers - it was not my favorite movie version, but conversely, Zippy, who expected to not like the film, and who has read this partiocular book about 20 times (its her favorite of the series to date) did not have a lot of complaints.

Friday morning - more yoga, then more work. I did a bunch of reports on Thursday night, and sent them out on Friday morning. Still have a bunch pending; might go into work on Sunday to catch up some more.

This morning - ballooning. Not too much wind, so a short flight from Southington into Cheshire. Some shopping, some errands, then Zippy and I took a long bike ride.

At Ocean State Job Lots, I picked up a small speaker system, the Altec-Lansing IMX2. It was designed for satellite radio receivers - but has an aux jack. So I can plug in my MP3 player. And for $10.....a good investment.

I also picked up a lounge chair for the back porch - Zippy has been reading and relaxing out there, and this past week, AC came by and we hung out there to beat the heat in the house. Quite lovely - we nee dto use the porch more.

Tomorrow, yoga. Some work. Somre chores. And dinner in Sturbridge with some of hte Zipsters friends.

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