July 18, 2007

Sun vs. Lynx

Not a pretty game, no maam. But the Sun pulled out a win, following a 8 or 9 point rally a couple of minutes before the end. (Sparked by Katie Douglas who seemed to just get tired of being slightly ahead, put the team on her shoulders, and made some points)

High Points: Jamie Carey (who drained a trio of 3-point shots), Katie and Lindsey (both played good games), and the bench who were a bit more engaged and energetic than usual.

On the downside: Margo Dydek looked like she was in a funk - people were driving over and past her, she was not even reaching for loose balls, no blocks, no offensive rebounds, and sat most of the 2nd half. Nykesha also seemed down (although she hit a key baseline jumper at the end), and poor Ashja Jones could not buy a basket most of the night (she finished with 8 points).

For the Lynx, Seimone Augustus was pretty amazing (24 points)and Svetlana Abrosimova popped 5 three pointers (and also got popped herself by Ashja Jones near the end) - it was good to see Svet play even if she has abandoned her cute baby butch look from the Uconn days for a more mature femme affect. (ponytail.....that's so wrong!)

But a win is a win. We (Zippy and I) are also going on Friday, our season ticket holding fans gave us some free passes (nosebleed seats) for Seattle (no Sue Bird, alas). Also, last night was ball night so I got a (presently deflated) basketball, and also $2 hot dog and $1 soda night. Yum!

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