August 14, 2007

Blogging from BDL

Off to Cleveland (today) and Grand Rapids (tomorrow) and with any luck, back in CT on Thursday. A whirlwind tour of the midwest, courtesy of one of my clients. I'm meeting my client in Cleveland, and he will be heading to Grand Rapids with me, so no need to worry about directions and the like, although I have brought along my GPS, just because.

Per usual, I have my big tool case (46.5 pounds today, I'm pretty good at keeping it under 50) although one of the latches has broken and I need to replace the case. So I have a large strap holding things shut. I need to buy a bunch of stuff next time I get a big check - a new multimeter, a new ground current meter, a new tool case. Probably think of some other things as well.

I also brought my mat, so I can practice a bit - Monday was a nice juicy hot class with Marcia with lots of inversions - I got up into wheel (despite being pretty wiped) and when it came time to do a headstand (which I have been craving and working on during my personal practice) I simply pulled my mat over to the wall and pulled myself up (I need to wall for stability at the moment, but at home I do it in the middle of the room, all of our walls being covered with bookshelves and art). Upside down is great! Marcia was the first person to offer her ankles to me in wheel assist, so I was happy to demonstrate my newfound wheel prowess in her class.

I mention this at times, but I am overly blessed with yoga instructors - everytime I go to a class with Marcia, or Nykki, or Shankara, or Carissa, or Jeff - I lament how infrequently I am able to practice with each of them. Or rather, how it would be OK if I simply worked with any one of them - they are each wonderful in their own way and when I take a class its like coming back to a favorite restaurant. An abundance of blessings.....

For the record, this is a pricey (for me) trip - because its a multi-city one with some pretty tight travel windows - I'm out on Northwest (through Detroit) to Cleveland, then through Detroit to Grand Rapids, and finally through Detroit back to Bradley. But that did not stop me from popping the credit card into the machine when I was offered a $15 upgrade from my center seat in the back to an aisle seat in an exit row. Ca-ching! My client should be fine with it - he usually stays in much nicer hotels (Marriot / Courtyard) than I do when traveling along and I saw that his ticket was quite a bit more expensive than mine. So I can splurge a little......

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