August 22, 2007

Busy Folk Fall

I've been checking out the local folk venues, and the fall looks BUSY, with lots of my fave folkies coming to town. This list is not conclusive, just the musicians that caught my eye that I would like to see if I can.

At the Sounding Board:
9/15: Vance Gilbert (also be at RAW CCH on 10/18)
10/6: Tracy Grammar
10/20: Chris and Meredith Thompson
11/10: Nerissa & Katrina Nields

At University of Hartford (Music for a Change Series):
9/14: Eddie from Ohio (One of Zippy's faves)
9/29: Richard Shindell
10/5: Patty Larkin (Long time no see!)
10/12: The Kennedys (I so want to see a full set!)

At Roaring Brook Nature Center:
10/6: Kate McDonnell opening for Mustard's Retreat
10/13: Donna Martin (mostly notable because I have not seen her around in ages)
11/17: Mad Agnes
12/1: Bill Morrissey (Long time no see!)

I am reminded of four things:

1) How much great music and how many wonderfully talented musicians there are out there, far more than the folk audience can support, I fear
2) How blessed we are to be living in this place, which supports so many top-notch music venues (and kudos to the folks who run them, a labor of love if ever there was one)
3) How little time I am gonna have this fall....
4) That I better get some work done and some invoices sent out so I can support my folk music habit (tickets and the inevitable CD purchases) this season!

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