August 30, 2007

Catching Up

Been a pretty quiet week. The Zipster has been sick all week, staying home from work with a bad cough sick. I've been a little under the weather as well but not enough to withdraw from life.

Mostly its a catch up at work week, with me finishing reports, doing invoices, etc. Yesterday I actually cleaned off my desk which is pretty monumental - can the catch-all table be far behind? I have one report and three invoices to crank out this afternoon, and I will be officially caught up, leaving the remainder of the day and tomorrow to clean, to get started on some new projects, or to get my end of the month invoicing started.

It's political season in Hartford - with a primary coming up in a few weeks. Frank Barrows has visited the house. Street signs are up for Barrows, Feltman, and Perez. Minnie Gonzalez was rejected in the courts in her attempt to get on the primary ballot. No idea who I am supporting in the primary; they all seem to be saying pretty much the same things, they are all in some ways a vote against Perez. I know Art Feltman, so that helps. Zippy seems to be leaning towards Barrows.

It's been a Mon-Wed kind of yoga week which means Marcia. It kind of sucks to have so many good yoga teachers - practicing with Marcia this week (even being kind of off, in terms of energy) is sort of like coming home; I miss her classes a lot. Even as I miss (this week) Nykki who gets short shrift (since I am with Marcia) and Carissa. I'll probably hit the mat tomorrow morning with Carissa or Shankara, depending upon my energy level.

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