August 02, 2007

Real World Deferred

Much as I want and need to get back to the real world, its been slow coming back. Zippy's family has rented a house in Rhode Island this week; ze was there Sunday and Monday; I drove out to joint them Tuesday. Zippy came back with me Tuesday night (too much family!) but we are going back out today. It's nice - there is a beach, a swimming pool, and a niece and nephew to hang with.

All the FRFF living caught up with me; I've been too tired and achey (and busy) for yoga - coupled with 90+ temperatures, I needed a week off. I'm planning to hit the mat tomorrow morning with Carissa, to get back into it.

And I spent yesterday morning with MYA - a court date and lunch.

Work has also been slow coming back - I've been to the office a few times, sorted emails, put things into directories, and cleared off a few projects. I got the ticket sales for my one client launched without a problem, but I have a big backlog of reports to write, my August 1st invoicing (which will not get out until the 3rd) and lots of small and large projects to kick start.

Today - more Rhode Island!


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