August 19, 2007

Settling In

It's been a fairly quiet weekend. No balloon chasing; too windy yesterday and my interpid balloonist was off on vacation with his kids. Next weekend will be a busy one - the Plainville Balloon Fest launches from Norton Park. I am likely to be at the park Friday night for the glow (and party) and one of the two weekend mornings.

Zipster and I took some time out for a walk / hike on Saturday - down to Timberlin Park in Berlin. No particular reason, just someplace different. We were 1/2 heading down to Southford Falls in Southbury but decided to go somewhere closer. Not a bad walk; I used to golf at Timberlin back in the day - but its been a while since I have been there.

Not much else planned this weekend. Hot yoga this morning saw a first - I popped up into a handstand against the wall without an assist.

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Diana_CT said...

Must have been a short walk. I use to cross country ski there.
You might want to try Ragged Mountain just off of West Lane. Take the jeep trail and bear left. The trail is not that hard and it will take you up to the cliffs for a great view.