August 12, 2007


Balloon crewing tends to put one in sync with the seasons. One wants to hit the field around sunrise, to get the balloon in the air early before the sun starts heating things up and causing atmospheric instability. So my morning schedule is often synced up to sunrise.

Mid-summer, near the solstice, we hit the field early - before 5 a.m. (meaningful since the local Dunkin Donuts open at 5). Today, it's 5:30, a little more sleep. Early fall, before the time changes, and then again in mid-winter, it gets downright reasonable. Bankers hours, we joke.

I kind of like that. Barring this, I'd hardly notice the change of seasons other than the extremes - the first cold morning, the Sunday mornings when the clock's are set ahead or back, the first sweltering day. But instead, I get to watch the season more minutely, ticking off the change from summer to fall by a few minutes each week, by the change in morning temperature.

Jude is showered. The dogs are fed and watered. It's time to hit the road. Today's launch site: Spring Street in Southington. I'm taking my camera for a change - hopefully there will be other balloons in the air and some decent photo ops......

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