September 25, 2007

Cameo Appearance - WTNH News and Roadside Stories

Balloon flight this morning, with me in the air for a change. As was Bob Wilson, from WTNH (Channel 8) and the show Roadside Stories, along with his director of photography Mark Ciesinski. So look for your friendly neighborhood blogger / yoga addict / balloon chaser on WTNH news sometime in the next week or two, as well as on the Roadside Stories show (WCTX / MyTV9, Sundays @ 5:00 p.m.)

Robert Zirpolo explains inflation to Bob Wilson. "We do not BLOW UP the balloon, we INFLATE it"

A bit of a hazy day, but Hartford was visible in the distance - we flew from Panthorn Park in Southington, north and east to a neighborhood off the Chamberlain Highway.

Traffic tie-up? No, just an auto junkyard in Southington.

The balloon and basket shadow against a hillside. The foliage is mostly still green, with just an off splotch of color.

A tree farm on the back side of Meriden mountain.

This is about as close as I get to art, with the balloon reflected in the windshield of the chase vehicle. Note the vanity license plate.....

One last stand-up as the van drives away!

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