September 06, 2007

Home Again

Mom and I made good time back from NJ / Philly - leaving at 9:00 a.m. and arriving home around 1:30, and that included a potty break, a gas break, and lunch at a diner in New Haven. We ended up missing NJ Turnpike Exit 11 (for the Garden State and the Tappen Zee Bridge) so braved the much feard (by Mom) GWB. Not too much traffic (even sans EZ-Pass) and then we took the Hutch and the Merritt (which Mom thought was pretty, and was actually a nice drive around noon with little traffic)

So, a safe trip back. Stopped by the house to say hello to Zippy, then to the train station to fetch my car, and then saw mom to I-84 East. Mission accomplished.

A little work this afternoon, and then home for dinner. We watched Mysterious Skin tonight (dark, triggering, excellent) - I'm slowly rolling independent films into our Netflix buffet. We need to use closed captions, I think, because the movie is punctuated by Zippy saing "What?" to an unheard line and me either repeating the line (with increasing emphasis as the movie goes on) or saying "I dunno....."

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