September 13, 2007

Names and Dogs and Home

In "The World According to Garp", Garp spends some time going through the phone book, looking at jobs and careers he might enjoy. Fodder for his writing. I'm in the process of helping a client selling tickets to a holiday event, so I am seeing a lot of names. And it's been pretty fun just looking at the names - they are certainly diverse, eclectic, and fun.

As far as dogs, I got to meet two today - a smallish white something (that was not a pug) at the studio who was adorable and lovable (and who I told, sincerely, I want one just like you) and today at the office, a Welsh Springer Spaniel - I love Spaniels (general) and Springers (particular) - my longtime companion Nipsy was an English Springer Spaniel, and a Welsh Springer is close enough.

Busy night - I think I might end up at the CARC Uberman event tonight, and then off to a late kirtan practice in WH. Tomorrow - work, yoga (maybe), work, setting up for kirtan, work, and then home to get ready for kirtan.....

Today, I made it back to power yoga. Nykki noted my absense and said "Welcome home" before kind of catching herself and saying "Welcome back". She had it right the first time....good to be back on the mat.

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