September 07, 2007


Unblogged so far: back on Tuesday as I boarded the 90 minute late Amtrak Vermonter, en route to Philadelphia, an unusual blip in the fabric of the universe.

I found my way to the Cafe Car (and the business class seats waiting in the front of same). I found a pair of empty seats and tossed my roller bag into the overhead rack. And as I am sitting, I make eye contact with the woman across the aisle, who coughs and says "Do I know you?"

Of course she did - my friend M from MHB (and who I have met twice in person, once in NYC and once in the Boston area) - en route home to NYC from visiting family in Vermont. We gabbed the entire trip from Hartford to Penn Station; she is an experienced train traveller so gave me the 4-1-1 on travel by rail.

Strange days, indeed.

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