September 09, 2007

Weekend Meandering

Sunday morning here, in the midst of a long and boring weekend. It's been pretty great end of summer weather, but Zippy and I are still sick, so we're laying balloon chasing (BB is in Europe) and no yoga (cause I do not want to infect others)

We went to a wedding yesterday; Zippy's friend L from the library. It was quite lovely - an outdoor ceremony that was mostly secular (with some Jewish touches, the groom is Jewish). Probably the first wedding I have been to with Zippy, and we were outsiders. I can at least play the wedding game, having been in one, and having been at many. But Zippy was pretty uncomfortable - not drinking, not dancing. We mostly sat at the table and talked to people.

I felt a bit underdressed, partly because I have gained weight this summer and some of my nicer things were a bit snug. And partly because I opted for more casual. Live and learn. It's definitely time to lose weight; I got on the scale at the doctors on Friday and was shocked. Ugh. At least going to regular yoga keeps me feeling OK, but the recent hiatus (work travel and illness) has me feeling pretty sluglike.

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