October 01, 2007

Quick Update

Weekend - Pipes in the Valley festival at Riverfront Park. Ballooning. Lyman Orchard's Corn Maze. Laundry. Ken Burns "The War".

Since it's October 1st, I have my head buried in invoicing - I have at least five to crank out this morning. Ugh. I need a minion to do this stuff......but if I do not get it out, I do not get paid!

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FyreGoddess said...

The War. I am watching it, too. And taping it, because I think it's something that people need to see.

How amazing is this miniseries? I've studied quite a bit on WWII, but hearing the stories from the first hand perspective sheds an entirely new light and it is positively heartwrenching.

I keep crying.

And knowing what's still to come makes it all very hard to watch, but too compelling to not watch.