October 27, 2007

Rumor Has It

That I was on television this evening. I did the ADA Diabetes Walk this morning, and as we were coming down the backstretch, my rainbow umbrella attracted the TV remote crew - so I was asked to open and close the umbrella a few times to get the sound for the broadcast. Apparently, I was also photogenic enough for the evening news.

So if you were watching WVIT 30 this evening, yeah, that was me. I'll have to check out the 11:00 pm broadcast to see if I am on there.


Terrence McCarthy said...

We saw a double rainbow arcing over Hilton Head Harbor last week, or...

Maybe that was your umbrella we spotted. You weren't walking south of Charleston were you?

Jude said...

Probably not, unless my aura extends to 30,000 feet, since I was in the air over Hilton Head Monday morning and Tuesday evening.

Kathy said...

No "Flying Red Horse" Rumor!
I saw Jude TV Star with me own eyes and now I've heard it right from her mouth. Sorta!
It was a bright little part of the spot amongst the rain!