October 26, 2007

Serendipity Day

It was that sort of day.

I popped over to Manchester for yoga with an old teacher; he and the studio parted ways a while back and I have not practiced with him since. It was really nice to work with him again - his teaching style is unique - challenging, poetic even. And even though my life is overflowing with teachers I respect and enjoy, still there is a place in my heart that remains unfilled since he moved on. I think I'll get over to work with him once or twice a month if I can.

Worked for a while - a study in frustration as I struggled with large data sets, slow computers, and a bit of overall malaise at the nature of the work. I seem to have worked my way into a hole (again!) so I have six site reports queued up, and two trip reports, all of which I need / want to finish up by Wednesday. Hopefully I can crank some of the reports out over the weekend.....

Worked over at the studio tonight. Nice few hours. While there, I heard that Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) was in town, and a posse of yogi's was going to hear her talk, so I buzzed over the Asylum Hill Congregational Church. The place was packed! Close to 800 people to hear Ms. Gilbert speak! And I'd guess 95% women. It was incredible how resonant and popular this book has become.

I had no ticket (who would imagine an author reading would be sold out?) but someone at the door had an extra. And Ms. Gilbert was charming, patient (with the questions from the crowd which seemed to go on for several paragraphs), and funny. Best laugh, one of my yoga friends asked her how her meditation and yoga practice had continued in light of her success and life. Completely deadpan, she said she rose at 3:30 a.m., meditated for an hour, two hours of yoga, then two hours of cardio-vascular - followed by 6-8 hours of charity work. I am sure most of us got suckered, she laughed, and confessed to being able to meditate when she could, and not often enough (and oh by the way, she still was no good at it) - and no word in terms of yoga.

She's a delight. I am blessed to have been able to go hear her tonight, a surprise to be sure. But bittersweet as well - so many people there in two's, three's, or larger groups. Friends out for a night out. I was there alone. A good experience for me - to recognize that I need to let people in, reach out. I knew probably 6-8 people in the crowd. I need to connect, with them, with others in my life.

Tomorrow - Diabetes Walk with Zippy. Open house at the yoga studio. Maybe spend some time with MYA, maybe do something tomorrow night. Sunday, balloon chasing. And who knows what else. Work maybe.

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