October 11, 2007

Serving Something Greater

From an email to the manager of my friendly neighborhood yoga studio, who grabbed me after practice yesterday to sell the concept of helping out around the studio:


Yes, yes, I have been thinking about it.....

I guess I have never seriously considered work-study; in the grand scheme of things yoga is not that expensive, and in a work-positive environment (i.e. - I always seem to have more work than I seem to be able to get done) it never seemed to make sense to add a few extra hours per week at the studio - I always figured if I simply turned just one of those hours into billable time, the yoga was paid for. That's the economic rationale......

On the social side of thing, I have never had a problem justifying the cost of yoga, and I just assumed that there were plenty of folks queued up for work-study slots. So I figured let the slots go to folks who either might not be able to practice without the work-study, or might need the extra incentive - a single mom, a college student, etc. That's been my thinking anyway....I've always been a "pay your way" kind of person, inside this shell of aspiring enlightenment beats the cold heart of Dagny Taggart.

So....I guess the personal invite was somewhat surprising. And upon further consideration, an honor that you would think so highly of me. And it's helped me to frame the work-study / helping out around the studio somewhat differently. Because, the studio and the community that has coalesced there is pretty darn special to me and is one of my core life supports at the moment, and I would love to be more integral to it. And seeing you struggle to fill slots and plug holes, as well as to make some more space for yourself, I recognized the value of work study to the livelihood of the studio. And that has helped me to see it not simply as an economic bargain, or a financial aid program, but rather as a way of serving the studio, serving the community. And that resonates with me, a lot.

So.....after wading through the angst and equivocating up til now, the answer is, YES - I think I would like to do something to help you and the studio out. So let me know what you need and what the next step is....


As if my life is not full enough as it is ::grin::

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