October 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

No balloon chasing this weekend - rain on Saturday, and a front coming through overnight left it too breezy on Sunday. So I got a weekend off.

Saturday afternoon, I dropped in to the studio Open House, and went to the Enlightment Intensive preview. It was good; solidfying my commitment to be there in December. As one of the few EI veterans in the space; I volunteered to pull my cushion across from another and do a quick demo of the dyad technique. Amazing how quickly I dropped in to the work; we both went pretty deeply in seconds, and it kind of sucked some of the people in the room in as well. One friend in particular got quite teary. The whole experience brought me back into the EI space and made me want to be back there. So when the intensive master asked if I would be participating in December, my response was a strong and smiling "of course!"

Perhaps energized my the reminder of who and what I am, I came home, cleaned up my table space, and cooked a nice dinner.....who lives here?

As a personal placeholder, my first EI experience touched my bog back in November 2006 (has it been less than a year?) and my second midway through March 2007- I am shocked that my EI's were so recently, within the past 12 months. It feels like the first was 18 months ago and the second was a year ago. Odd temporal shift - I have (in the past) had years slip by without much notice. I think I have been filled with much life of late, so that time is slowing down with all the experiences packed in to each day.

Yesterday, Zippy and I went to see Protaganist at Real Art Ways, which we both loved. I loved the weaving of mythology and personal stories. I loved the puppets. I loved the stories of four men on their own personal quests for life. Pretty sure yesterday was the last day at RAW; I am glad we caught it. We've been pretty lax about seeing movies there.

Afterwards, we dined at the Corner Pug with AC. I had the pug salad and a delightful potatoe and artichoke soup.

And then, I wandered off to see Wah! at the studio. I am glad I went (was on the fence about it all weekend) - the music was wonderful (think Ani DiFranco, were she to devote herself to sacred chanting, although she plays bass) and I was lost in the rhythm at times, dancing, moving, chanting. Part of my Kirtan experience is not being able to fully let go (since I need to remember chords, pay attention to the leader, etc) so its nice to have some space to not be in the front of the room.

And many of my studio and kirtan friends were there; I felt loved and connected and buoyed by their spirits and energy.

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