November 28, 2007

Apparently, I'm a Harbinger of Species Catastrophe

From an advertisement for Estroblaster - a supplement.

Attention Men! Your male problems may not be related to the drop in testosterone levels, but your intake of estrogen, the main female hormone. You are being deluged with female hormones in your food, the air, and the water you drink and bathe in. It's damaging your system in ways you never even imagined. That, on top of naturally falling male hormone levels, can cause a condition called estrogen dominance.

From a postal solicitation for this product:
Not only that, but the rate of young boys turning into girls is frightening. One group that monitors this problem said:

No one compiles official statistics on transgender youths, but everyone agrees that their numbers are rising quickly.

…it took months to narrow down a powerful formula at a good price. We named it Estro-Blaster — after what it’s designed to do…blast the estrogen out of your system.

Kudos to Michael Hanscom over at eclecticism for this little gem.

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