November 20, 2007


Power yoga this morning, with Peg.

In the course of it all, a long balancing sequence: Extended Hand to Toe (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana) - I grabbed my toe but then opted for the knee as we opened up to the side, what felt good was the smooth transition from toe to knee, and the lack of angst about phasing back. Then Eagle (Garudasana) - twice on each side - and as Peg did it with us and I watched her get into the posture, some ideas opened up for me with regard to wrapping that foot. Then moving into Dancer (Natarajasana), again 2x per side. And finally a Tree (Vrikshasana).

And just a very comfortable, matter of fact, no stress, no strain, no worry sequence. It felt very affirming - my laid back weekend (no practice Saturday, community yoga on Sunday, and yin yoga on Monday) produces the fruit of a calmness and sure footedness in Tuesday's power class.

As we were packing up, I mentioned to Peg "I think I am finally getting you". Practicing with her has been a bit like jumping onto a moving ski lift - it's a different pace, energy, and speed than my usual practices and teachers, and I've really struggle being present. I've been stressed throughout - out of breath, on the edge of panic, hurried. Today, much calmer. Alert, challenged, curious. But there......and in sync.

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