November 03, 2007

Fast Friday

Today blew by - popped into the office early to get some reports out. Then off to hot yoga (subbed....but good). Off to the DMV to get a title changed (DMV Wethersfield was empty and the staff was highly helpful). Quick stop in at the office and home, then off to WHY for my first official daytime shift.

It's been ages since I worked a job like that - a list of things to-do, phones ringing, have to be someplace tending the store for a few hours. A good day, with no major problems.

Then, back to work for a few, to clear out the email and messages. Home to cook supper. Then off to a wake.

Looks liek the weekend might be a ballooning washout (due to the remnents of Tropical Storm Noel) which is not horrible - I have a 3 hour yoga workshop on Saturday and we're headed north for family birthday stuff on Sunday.

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