November 15, 2007

Five Days on the Mat

Today, a day off.

It started on Saturday, with a Peg Power II Vinyasathon. Sunday was community yoga, which is normally a pretty mellow practice, except when Peg is leading it. Monday - Power I with Barbara. Tuesday, gentle yoga with Shankara. And Wednesday, hot yoga with Marcia. Pretty challenging week; I feel all strong and deep ache in a good way. I'm also getting pretty good at doing Sirsasana without needing the wall behind me - I try to do a headstand for a few minutes before every practice, just to get comfortable with it.

Today, a full morning of work, then up to Springfield with the Zipster. And tonight, choose one: Creative Cocktail Hour, or Balloon Club meeting. The former is probably more fun, the latter is more responsible (we're organizing the winter dinner).

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